Triggertrap | Use Your iPhone to Remote Trigger Your camera’s Shutter

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TriggerTrap - Shutter Remote

If you were looking for a device that could trigger your DSLR shutter using your iOS device but thought the IOShutter was a bit expensive then you’re in luck! The Triggertrap dongle (and free app) is priced less than $50 and promises to do even more than its competitors. We tested the setup with our in-house cameras and it worked like a charm. Within seconds we were setting up noise or distance activated shutter triggers. Some of the advanced features let you create time-warped time lapses, meaning that the interval at which the pictures are taken at increases or decreases. This allows you to create videos that appear to be speeding up (or slowing down).

Here are just a few of the cool ways you can trigger your camera’s shutter. Head over to Triggertrap for more details and to order one for your Camera make and model.

Triggertrap - iOS App remote for DSLR shutter Triggertrap - iOS App remote for DSLR shutter

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