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About Painter, Robert Zablocki:

Robert Zablocki earned a BFA in Fine Art with a minor in film and video from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. After his formal education he continued to grow in various environments such as in house studios, boutique studios, magazines, newspapers, freelance, small and large agencies. After several years of successful work in Thailand he moved back to Canada, and continues to work as an Artist today.

Robert Zablocki - Valley of Hinnom

Robert Zablocki – Valley of Hinnom

About His Work:

My recent work includes several series of paintings that weave inter-related experiences – including growing up with a skewed vision of spirituality, rebellion and famous works of art. My work often displays an unsettling intersection of ugliness and beauty within our world.

Robert Zablocki - Theology by Coldwitch

Robert Zablocki – Theology by Coldwitch

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4 Comments on "Robert Zablocki | Surrealist Artist"

  1. Roddy Heading December 1, 2012 at 6:11 pm · Reply

    I was lucky enough to buy up a lot of Zablocki’s mid-late 90s paintings when I was in real estate in Vancouver, We were all so cash rich and mad in those days of anything goes LOL
    I just hung them on the office walls and fended off every offer to sell for a decade. Now that I am out of that business and perusing a healthier lifestyle, I would consider trading one of Zablockis earlier works for a ski chalet in Whistler. Serious enquirers only please.

    Roddy Heading
    CEO ( retired )
    Heading House
    Niagara- on -the -Lake, Ont

  2. D. Lynch December 1, 2012 at 8:12 pm · Reply

    I’ve been interested in acquiring an example of Robert’s work for several years now, and I know for a fact that Dennis Hopper was actively attempting to add a Zablocki piece to his extensive collection right up until the day he passed away; they simply couldn’t agree on a price. Robert is blessed with that extraordinary gift of being able to locate and convey to a viewer the “sublime” contained within the “ugly”.

    D. Lynch
    7035 Senalda Road
    Los Angeles, California

  3. Frederic Jon Mercnik December 1, 2012 at 10:12 pm · Reply

    I have known Rob for many years, and I have always enjoyed his meta – physical mind. His brain works like a computer, always in the creative mode, and cascading ideas. His paintings are an inspiration to all artists.

    Fred Mercnik
    5 Partition St
    Queenston, Ontario

    Awesome Photographer

  4. Paul Blake July 7, 2020 at 6:02 pm · Reply

    I monitor my emotions as I am taking in the work of the artist. Mr. Zablocki rocked my world, I was mesmerized because there was so much to take in and no words to describe what I was seeing?

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