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Sunrise Artists aims to teach the business aspect of the arts by sharing the experience of established artists and experts in the industry. In addition, we help promote Montreal artists through an exhibition program.  An event staging your work is organized where local members of the art community will be gathered scoping out new artists.  Chosen undiscovered artists will be sponsored by us.

For Artists

Sunrise Artists assists undiscovered artists to deal with the business aspect of the industry. Painters, sculptors, photographers, graffiti artists, designers, illustrators, digital artists are all encouraged to submit their art work.  Once submitted, our selected curators and experts rate your work. Chosen artists are then featured on our website for all of the artists, media, gallery owners and art critics to see.  Sunrise Artists will promote the featured artists as well as help them with their artist statement, resume and biography at no cost.
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For Sponsors

Please contact us to discuss different available sponsorship programs.
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Email: webmaster@sunriseartists.com
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