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About Jono Doiron:

Jono Doiron - April Fools!

Jono Doiron – April Fools!

I started drawing at a very young age and do not remember a time when I didn’t want to be an artist or love cartoons. Upon my graduation in from a three year traditional animation and fine arts course in 2007, I worked in animation for a stretch of over a year and a half.

In 2009, I found myself with some paid time off and decided I wished to spend my time painting. I started exhibiting my work locally at my friend’s bachelor apartment who would transform his abode into a humble art gallery over the course of a weekend. Through those showings, my artwork captured the attention of Argyle Fine Art and offered me my first solo exhibition in their gallery, which became ‘True Faces’ shown in November of that year.

Since 2010, I continued painting and exhibiting my work locally in venues such as nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. In October of that year, I had my second solo exhibition, this time in Montreal, Quebec, titled ‘Obsolete Idols’.

Since 2011, I have been focusing my attention on exhibiting my work in galleries across North America. I’ve also found work as a freelance illustrator, character designer and cartoonist. In July of 2012, I relocated from Halifax to live in Montreal, Quebec.

About His Work:

Jono Doiron - The Expediency Factor

Jono Doiron – The Expediency Factor

Painting and illustration are the mediums I chose to entertain people with and serves as a vehicle for me to revisit my childhood. Doing so, I remind myself of how limitless the world is when you are young. There was never any doubt that I wanted to entertain people with my art when I grew up.

I attended College to learn traditional animation. During my studies, my life was forever changed when my College art instructor and fine artist, one day paraphrased a disappointing quote from a study I have never forgotten:

“The average time someone spends looking at a work of art is 6 seconds.”

The counteraction of the statement above posed a challenge for me and fuels me to create art. ‘How can I captivate an audience with a static image?’

I make art in a style that is most often referred to as ‘pop art’, ‘cartoony’ or ‘low brow’. My childhood influences of cartoons, comics and video games from the 80’s and 90’s are undeniable.

The most common reoccurring themes in my work are environmental change, anthropomorphism, materialism verses human relationships and alternate realities on memorable icons. I like to call attention to the things that seemingly aren’t that important on the surface, and do so in a visually accessible manner that does not immediately reveal its subtext. I aim to bring truth into jokes and bridge elements of the mundane into fantasy.

Jono Doiron - Night of the Grimace

Jono Doiron – Night of the Grimace

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