iPad CF and SD Card Readers

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iPad CF and SD Reader

We can finally stop complaining that the iPad doesn’t have a USB port. The iCloud and it’s Photostream service is pretty useful but there’s nothing like reading the images directly off of your CF or SD cards. At $40 (or less) you can make your digital photo dreams come true.

  • Compatible with both iPad and iPad 2
  • Works with all SD and CF cards up to 4GB
  • Works with many (but not all) 8GB and up cards (some faster cards need more power than the iPad can provide)
  • If your card doesn’t work, plug your camera in directly via the USB for import
  • Imports photos and video directly to the Photos app
  • Can view and play iPad compatible image and video formats (including many RAW image formats)
  • Images and video that are not compatible are stored on the iPad for easy download to computer the next time you sync

Head over to PhotoJoJo to get yours today!

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