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About Peter Adamyan:

Peter Adamyan is at the ripe age of 23 years old. He grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles watching cartoons and eating tons of junk food. All throughout his childhood he would draw the cartoon characters of the shows he loved.

In high school he was accepted to the Ryman Program, an organization designed to teach young aspiring artists the basics of life drawing. Before attending, during and to this day he spent much time teaching himself the basics of drawing and painting in many mediums eventually leading to his love of oil painting. After high school he started to exhibit his work in many group shows and eventually a solo show in April 2009 entitled “Where Evil Lurks” at The Hyaena Gallery. The show was centered on legendary serial killers and otherwise evil men from John Wayne Gacy to Darth Vader juxtaposed with pop culture icons.

After this show Adamyan continued to show in group shows around Los Angeles and in 2010 moved to the Bay Area where he completed and exhibited his next solo show, “American Gris-Gris” which opened at Lopo Gallery in April 2011.

Artist Statement:

Greensploitation Lean, Green, Killing Machine - Peter Adamyan

Greensploitation Lean, Green, Killing Machine - Peter Adamyan

Throughout history, art has been a reflection of the times the artist lived in. In a world where people worship celebrities and identify themselves by the name brand clothes they wear and the products they purchase it’s hard to make artwork reflective of that world without referencing such popular culture icons. I try to do just that while sharing my opinions on the current human condition, on our politics, our religions and mans overall desire to consume.
I am a strong believer that art should be more then decoration and especially in such an image saturated world should have an entertainment value to it as well. An artist’s work should be able to hold the viewers attention. For this reason I try to make them laugh as well as think.

She Wolfe Barbie Of The SS - Peter Adamyan

She Wolfe Barbie Of The SS - Peter Adamyan

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