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Artist Statement:

Female icons pose in a semi-fictitious, flashy, super-sexy pre-apocalyptic world where voluptuousness, vice and consumable goods are one…

Fast food packaging, high voltage videos, thematic wall panels, neon signs and fetishized plastic objects…
Pinball, Roller Derby, voodoo, Luxury & decadence…


Issued from the Street / Skateboard Culture and highly influenced by Punk, Pop art and Sci-Fi, LIPSTIK projects us into a retro-futuristic aesthetic visually located between Art Nouveau and 80’s airbrush.

An iconographic figure of the Montreal underground scene, the artist mixes an abusive use of branding and adds a tint of cynicism, allowing a neutrally submissive and contemplative view of a society which is permanently being bludgeoned by advertising.


Julien Sorribas, AKA LIPSTIK, born in France in 1976 and now living in Montreal (Canada), has conducted graphic research inspired by Junk Culture and 70’s Soft Porn since 2000.

After exhibiting four consecutive years at the Erotic Festival of Montreal, LIPSTIK is for the second time a book’s winner at the International Erotic Signature contest as well as Art Undressed Exhibition Tour 2009 and 2011 opening at the World Erotic Art Museum of Miami.

Contact Information:


Your Website / Blog URL: www.lipstikdesign.com
Email: lipstikdesign@gmail.com

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