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So you have already set up a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. The next step is to link the two. By linking the two, anything posted on your Facebook page will be automatically pushed to the designated Twitter account. No need to update both accounts with a new picture of your work or a listing of an event.
It is actually very simple to do and additional documentation can be found in the Facebook help.

Navigate to the following address and log in to your Facebook account.

You will be presented with a list of your pages. Click the Link to Twitter button for the desired page.

You will now be presented with the Twitter login window. You will need to enter your desired Twitter account username and password.

Your Facebook page should now be linked to your Twitter account. You may now select the options that you would like to link.

Once you’re satisfied, simply click on the Save Changes button. You can now test it out by performing a status update on your Facebook page. The update should appear on your Twitter account after a couple of minutes.

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